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American Gladiator Powerlifting Knee Sleeves - 7mm Pair

American Gladiator Powerlifting Knee Sleeves - 7mm Pair

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The American Gladiator Powerlifting Knee Sleeve is for the fiercest athletes in America.

Made from 7mm thick Neoprene, GLADIUM’s American Gladiator Powerlifting Knee Sleeves provide consistent compression around your knee. As a result, any athlete will be able to power through their Crossfit or Powerlifting exercise routine with confidence and reinforcement. Crush Squats, Deadlifts or Olympic Lifts with GLADIUM Knee Sleeves that provide unparalleled support.  

The 7mm Neoprene provides greater compression levels than the 5mm options provided by competitors. The greater joint compression provides better blood flow and warmth surrounding your knees, so whether you are recovering from an injury, experiencing knee pain regularly or looking for pain prevention, GLADIUM Knee Sleeves will give you a more comfortable lift.

Sculpt Yourself.

Product Details:

  • Made from 7mm thick Neoprene for extra support. 
  • Double-stitching built for lasting longer than any competitor. 
  • Leg Contoured Design reduces bunching behind knee, resulting in more comfortable lifts and greater range of motion.

Sizing Details:

  • For best fit, measure circumference of leg approximately 10 cm below your Patella.
  • Refer to Sizing Chart below to find your size.

Additional Details: 

  • Product ships as a pair. GLADIUM does not sell single sleeves.
  • For best care, hand-wash or gentle wash with cold water. Do not put sleeves in dryer.
  • Please allow 3-5 Business Days for Domestic Shipping (USA), 5-10 Business Days for International Orders.

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